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Plastisch chirurgen Yves Sinove en Julie Dobbeleir actief in de driehoek Gent, Antwerpen, Brussel (Aalst, Zottegem, Wetteren, Temse en Sint-Niklaas): transgender breast surgery and vaginoplasty are performed bij Dr. Sinove and Dr. Dobbeleir


Dr. Sinove and Dr. Dobbeleir were trained in the University Hospital in Gent by prof. Monstrey to perform transgender surgery. They help patients in male-to-female (MTF) and female-to-male (FTM) transitions. They are specialised in both male and female breast surgery. After performing this surgery for many years in Gent, they now perform this surgery in the ASZ Hosptial (Aalst, between Gent and Brussels). Dr. Dobbeleir also performs vaginoplasty in MTF transgender patients. 


breast surgery - mastectomy

The amount of breast tissue will determine the correct approach for mastectomy with least possible scar. When there is not many breast tissue, a technique with only a small scar around the areola can be used. If more tissue is present, a nipple transplatation is sometimes necessary to create a male chest. Together with the patient, the ideal treatment is chosen after a thorough clinical investigation.


breast augmentation

Dr. Sinove and Dr. Dobbeleir perform breast augmentation in male-to-female transgender patients. In most patients silicone prosthesis are used. Most prosthesis are placed submuscular in a dual plane fashion in order to assure the best possible appearance. Scar placement, volume and appearance are discussed with each patient individually to meet the patients desires and wishes. Please contact Dr. Sinove or Dr. Dobbeleir for a non-committal investigation to chose the ideal solution.


Dr. Dobbeleir also performs vaginoplasty in male to female transgender patients. The technique used creates a natural looking and feeling vagina allowing sexual intercourse. After her training in the Ghent University Hospital, she further perfected the technique offering patients the best possible result. More information available after contact maakt gebruik van cookies. Door verder te surfen gaat u expliciet akkoord met het gebruik van deze cookies.